Table 1

Early Development Index (EDI) domains and subdomains

EDI domainEDI subdomain
Physical health and well-beingPhysical readiness for school
Physical independence
Gross and fine motor skills
Social competenceOverall social competence
Responsibility and respect
Approaches to learning
Readiness to explore new things
Emotional maturityProsocial and helping behaviour
Anxious and fearful behaviour
Aggressive behaviour
Hyperactivity and inattention
Language and cognitive developmentBasic literacy
Interest in literacy/numeracy, and uses memory
Advanced literacy
Basic numeracy
Communication skills and general knowledgeCommunicates easily and effectively
Participates in storytelling
Articulates clearly
Shows adequate knowledge
Uses native language proficiently
  • Each is scored on a scale of 0 to 10. If a child falls in the bottom 10th percentile, he or she is considered ‘vulnerable’ in that domain. An ‘overall vulnerability’ flag is set if a child is vulnerable in one or more domains.