Table 1

Existing systematic, quasi-systematic or scoping reviews indexed in PubMed

TopicExamples of systematic, quasi-systematic or scoping reviews
Disease surveillanceSocial media and internet-based data in global systems for public health surveillance: a systematic review.16
Scoping review on search queries and social media for disease surveillance: a chronology of innovation.17
Ebola and the social media.18
Digital disease detection: a systematic review of event-based internet biosurveillance systems.19
Utility and potential of rapid epidemic intelligence from internet-based sources.20
Using online social networks to track a pandemic: a systematic review.21
A systematic review of event-based public health surveillance systems.22
Social media: a systematic review to understand the evidence and application in infodemiology.23
Adverse event monitoringSystematic review on the prevalence, frequency and comparative value of adverse events data in social media.26
Quality of healthcare servicesSocial media and rating sites as tools to understanding quality of care: a scoping review.24
Eight questions about physician-rating websites: a systematic review.25
Illicit drug useSystematic review of surveillance by social media platforms for illicit drug use.27
eGovernmentUse of social media for e-Government in the public health sector: a systematic review of published studies.28
Chronic diseaseSocial media use in chronic disease: a systematic review and novel taxonomy29
EthicsAttitudes toward the ethics of research using social media: a systematic review30