Table 3

Sexual risk behaviours and sexual health outcomes in sexually experienced women aged 16–24 years

Denominator (unweighted)Denominator (weighted)Prevalence
OR95% CIPartially adjusted OR*95% CIFully adjusted OR†95% CI
Any sexual intercourse in the past 4 weeksp<0.001p=0.02p=0.02
 Lives with parents or other relatives84947274.
 Lives alone1767083.71.80(1.18 to 2.75)1.87(1.15 to 3.06)1.84(1.11 to 3.04)
 Lives with non-relatives only969571.80.89(0.54 to 1.47)0.98(0.51 to 1.88)0.99(0.51 to 1.90)
 Lives with a partner, not with children16911297.714.81(5.37 to 40.86)3.34(1.14 to 9.78)3.32(1.13 to 9.74)
 Lives with a partner and children1478990.23.24(1.76 to 5.99)0.74(0.37 to 1.45)0.69(0.35 to 1.38)
 Lives with children, not with a partner2419374.11.00(0.68 to 1.47)1.02(0.64 to 1.61)0.96(0.60 to 1.53)
Four or more occasions of sexual intercourse in the past 4 weeksp<0.001p=0.41p=0.32
 Lives with parents or other relatives81045345.
 Lives alone1586353.21.37(0.94 to 2.00)1.35(0.87 to 2.11)1.41(0.89 to 2.23)
 Lives with non-relatives only909044.50.97(0.62 to 1.52)1.14(0.71 to 1.84)1.21(0.75 to 1.96)
 Lives with a partner, not with children15110167.22.47(1.70 to 3.61)1.08(0.71 to 1.66)1.03(0.68 to 1.58)
 Lives with a partner and children1378360.91.88(1.28 to 2.78)0.84(0.53 to 1.31)0.80(0.50 to 1.26)
 Lives with children, not with a partner2248640.50.82(0.59 to 1.15)0.80(0.52 to 1.25)0.81(0.52 to 1.27)
Two or more partners‡ in the past yearp<0.001p<0.001p<0.001
 Lives with parents or other relatives86648340.
 Lives alone1767045.51.22(0.84 to 1.77)1.47(1.00 to 2.17)1.54(1.03 to 2.31)
 Lives with non-relatives only999947.51.32(0.81 to 2.17)1.50(0.91 to 2.50)1.76(1.03 to 3.00)
 Lives with a partner, not with children1691129.90.16(0.09 to 0.27)0.29(0.16 to 0.52)0.28(0.16 to 0.49)
 Lives with a partner and children148906.50.10(0.05 to 0.20)0.19(0.09 to 0.38)0.17(0.09 to 0.35)
 Lives with children, not with a partner2459437.30.87(0.63 to 1.20)1.03(0.72 to 1.48)1.00(0.69 to 1.43)
Had unsafe sex in the past year§p<0.001p<0.001p<0.001
 Lives with parents or other relatives86348232.
 Lives alone1767044.21.63(1.12 to 2.38)2.06(1.39 to 3.03)2.04(1.38 to 3.02)
 Lives with non-relatives only989626.60.75(0.44 to 1.28)0.93(0.54 to 1.60)1.07(0.60 to 1.92)
 Lives with a partner, not with children16911212.10.28(0.17 to 0.46)0.49(0.29 to 0.83)0.48(0.29 to 0.81)
 Lives with a partner and children1499014.90.36(0.22 to 0.58)0.65(0.38 to 1.10)0.62(0.36 to 1.06)
 Lives with children, not with a partner2469435.81.15(0.83 to 1.59)1.49(1.04 to 2.12)1.41(0.98 to 2.04)
Diagnosed with an STI in past year¶p=0.19p=0.19p=0.13
 Lives with parents or other relatives8694845.
 Lives alone178715.91.17(0.53 to 2.57)1.03(0.43 to 2.49)1.05(0.41 to 2.68)
 Lives with non-relatives only1011014.80.93(0.21 to 4.04)0.80(0.17 to 3.84)0.94(0.21 to 4.17)
 Lives with a partner, not with children1701133.30.64(0.26 to 1.53)0.51(0.17 to 1.54)0.51(0.17 to 1.49)
 Lives with a partner and children149900.80.16(0.04 to 0.69)0.12(0.02 to 0.66)0.12(0.02 to 0.61)
 Lives with children, not with a partner244944.30.83(0.41 to 1.65)0.70(0.30 to 1.64)0.67(0.27 to 1.67)
Tested for chlamydia in the past yearp<0.001p<0.001p<0.001
 Lives with parents or other relatives87048555.
 Lives alone1787155.10.97(0.67 to 1.41)1.00(0.67 to 1.47)0.96(0.65 to 1.43)
 Lives with non-relatives only10110157.11.05(0.64 to 1.72)1.12(0.67 to 1.86)1.29(0.76 to 2.17)
 Lives with a partner, not with children17111438.20.49(0.34 to 0.70)0.46(0.31 to 0.70)0.46(0.31 to 0.69)
 Lives with a partner and children1499050.30.80(0.57 to 1.14)0.77(0.52 to 1.14)0.73(0.49 to 1.10)
 Lives with children, not with a partner2469466.21.55(1.12 to 2.14)1.64(1.16 to 2.31)1.54(1.08 to 2.21)
Attended a GUM clinic in the past yearp<0.001p<0.001p<0.001
 Lives with parents or other relatives86047926.
 Lives alone1746923.80.85(0.57 to 1.28)0.89(0.59 to 1.36)0.84(0.55 to 1.28)
 Lives with non-relatives only10010026.50.98(0.52 to 1.85)1.05(0.55 to 2.00)1.25(0.65 to 2.40)
 Lives with a partner, not with children16310912.20.38(0.23 to 0.61)0.39(0.23 to 0.68)0.40(0.23 to 0.69)
 Lives with a partner and children149908.20.25(0.13 to 0.45)0.26(0.14 to 0.49)0.24(0.13 to 0.45)
 Lives with children, not with a partner2399121.50.75(0.48 to 1.16)0.80(0.51 to 1.26)0.74(0.46 to 1.18)
  • Denominators vary across outcomes due to item non-response.

  • *Adjusted for age and relationship status.

  • †Adjusted for age, relationship status, employment/student status and area of residence.

  • ‡ Opposite and/or same-sex partners.

  • §Reported two or more partners of the opposite or same sex with no condom use in the past year, or no condom use at first sex with one or more new partners of the opposite or same sex in the past year.

  • ¶Diagnosed with chlamydia, gonorrhoea, herpes, genital warts, trichomoniasis, non-specific or non-gonococcal urethritis, or syphilis.

  • GUM, genitourinary medicine; STI, sexually transmitted infection.