Table 2

Sociodemographic characteristics and household structure of sexually experienced women and men aged 16–24 years

WomenLives with parents or other relatives (%)Lives alone (%)Lives with non-relatives only (%)Lives with a partner, not with children (%)Lives with a partner and children (%)Lives with children, not with a partner (%)Total sample
 16–17 years25.
 18–19 years29.818.215.411.45.114.821.4
 20–24 years44.575.683.787.794.582.164.5
 Asian/Asian British2.
 Black/Black British4.
Employment/student status
 In employment47.754.927.076.782.668.854.9
 In full-time education46.231.569.517.42.410.436.5
 Not in employment or education6.
Area of residence
 Greater London11.820.
 Other urban67.568.486.668.081.168.671.0
Relationship status
 Not in a steady relationship43.638.
 In a steady relationship56.461.850.7100.0100.057.165.6
 Unweighted total (N)8721781011711492461717
 Weighted total (N)486711011149094956
 Total (%) (weighted)50.87.410.611.99.49.9