Table 2

Main file types of CMS data

Patient demography1. Practice ID. Patient ID, age, gender, registration date, date left practice and date of death
2. Patient postcode linked area-based socioeconomic, ethnicity, rurality and environmental indices
Clinical data1. Read coded diagnoses and symptoms, referrals to hospitals and specialists and some free text. Location and date of these events
2. Laboratory results, measurements entered by the practice (blood pressure, weight, tobacco consumption, etc). Date of these events
PrescribingPrescriptions written by the practice, date issued, formulation, strength, quantity and dosage
VaccinationsImmunisations carried out at the practice
ConsultationsDate, time and duration of consultation
StaffRole and gender of staff who entered the above data
PracticePractice ID. Patient list size, linked to number of GPs whole time equivalent, geographical location, Clinical Commissioning Group
  • CMS,¬†clinical management system; GP, general practitioner.