Table 4

Operationalisation of example outcomes

Example outcomesExamples of source and definitions that may be operationalised
Opioid use disorders APC/APDC: ICD-10 opioid use disorder (F11 codes)82; EDDC; and PHDAS.
Opioid dependence treatment PHDAS: entry into opioid substitution therapy.
Falls APC/APDC: ICD-10 slipping, tripping, stumbling and falls (W00-W19).82
Non-fatal opioid overdose APC/APDC: ICD-10 opioid poisoning (X42, X44 with T codes).82
Accidental opioid-induced death NDI: ICD-10 codes for opioid use disorders or poisoning (F11; F19 with F11; F19, X42, X44 with T codes for opioids).82
  • APC, Australian Capital Territory Admitted Patient Care; APDC, New South Wales Admitted Patients Data Collection; EDDC, Australian Capital Territory and New South Wales Emergency Department Data Collections; ICD-10, International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems 10th Revision; MH-AMB, Mental Health Ambulatory Collection; NDI, National Deaths Index; PHDAS, Pharmaceutical Drugs of Addiction System.