Table 1

Process mining concepts

ConceptDescriptionHealthcare example
ProcessStructured set of activities and connections relating to patients’ interactions with a general practicePatient’s regular medication review
ActivityA specific piece of workMeasuring patient’s blood levels
EventAn instance of an activity occurring at a specific timeMeasuring patient Smith’s HbA1c levels at 14:00 1 January 2018
CaseA given instance of a process (eg, for a specific patient)Medication review for patient Smith
TraceThe recorded events evidencing the activities of a given caseRegister, review meds, prescribe drug A, refer for lifestyle advice
TimestampDate and time an event occurred
ResourceMaterials, staff or other assets required by an activityHealthcare assistant with specialist phlebotomy skills
Supplementary informationAdditional data may be used to enhance or enrich the processGP name, practice location, medication dosage
  • GP, general practitioner.