Table 4

Model testing mediation of the associations between use of RYO cigarettes and quit attempts by weekly spend on smoking (see figure 1)

Coeff.SEP values*Bootstrap 95% CIEffect ratio
Total effect (path c)−0.020.006<0.001
Direct effect (path c′)−0.00030.0060.964
Indirect effect (via mediator)−0.020.003<0.001(−0.03 to −0.02)1.0
  • Analyses are adjusted for age, sex, social grade, region, survey year and daily cigarette consumption.

  • *P values shown for indirect effects are derived from the Sobel test for consistency with total and direct effects; however, bootstrap 95% CIs provide a more robust indication of significant mediation (see Method for more details).

  • Coeff, coefficient; RYO, roll-your-own.