Table 4

Summary of nursing care home level data collected, outcome measures, time schedule and the type of person assessing the outcome measure

Data collected and tool usedPre interventionMonthlyAt 6 months onlyPostintervention
Care home occupancy levelNumber of available beds to new residentsS
Cost of living in the care homeFees to live in the care homeS
Contributions from local governmentFees paid by the local government for each residentS
Staffing levelsNumber and type of staffS
Number of GP practices the care home works withNumber of GP practices the care home works withS
Number of GPs the care home works withNumber of GPs the care home works withS
Level of need of residents in the care homeAmount of support each resident needsS
Staff turnover and sickness levelsNumber of staff in the care home and monthly sickness recordSS
Ambulances and hospital useNumber and length of hospital admissions (days), A&E attendances and readmissionsSSS
Number of hospital admissionsRespiratory infections, urinary tract infections, dehydration, congestive heart failure?SSS
Out of hours GP contactsGP visits or telephone contactRRRR
  • Measure assessed by S: care home staff; R: researcher.