Table 3

Number and percentage of figures that displayed each of the assessed comprehension faults

N% of 79 figures
1. The figure type is inappropriate (eg, a line graph implying change over time is used when a bar graph is the appropriate figure).11
2. The y-axis is inverted.00
3. The y-axis is truncated at the start (not starting at the true minimum value, for example, starting at 50% and not at 0%).1722
4. The y-axis is truncated at the end (not ending with the true maximum value, for example, ending at 50% and not at 100%).1722
5. The number of participants per group is not mentioned.6380
6. There are no error bars or confidenceĀ intervals displayed.6177
7. In cases where multiple figures are used to display the outcomes in the compared groups: the graph features are not consistent (eg, y-axis from 0% to 100% for group A but y-axis from 0% to 50% for group B).11
8. In case of bar graphs, stacked bar graphs are used in a way that does not facilitate the comparison between the different categories.34