Table 2

Beliefs, psychosocial and clinical characteristics of the clusters

Clusters with non-adherence behaviourClusters with adherence behaviour
Cluster 1
Cluster 2
Cluster 3
Cluster 4
Medication adherenceLow adherenceLow adherenceHigh adherenceHigh adherence
Beliefs in medicinesHigh NBLow NBLow NBHigh NB
High CBHigh CBLow CBLow CB
Illness perceptionsHigh IPHigh IPLow IPLow IP
SELow SELow SEHigh SEHigh SE
HLLow HLHigh HLHigh HLHigh HL
Glycaemic controlHigh HbA1cHigh HbA1cLow HbA1cLow HbA1c
Illness perception domainsHigh consequenceHigh consequenceLow consequenceHigh consequence
High treatment controlHigh treatment controlLow treatment controlLow treatment control
High identityHigh identityLow identityLow identity
High concernHigh concernLow concernHigh concern
High coherenceHigh coherenceLow coherenceLow coherence
High emotional representationHigh emotional representationLow emotional representationLow emotional representation
  • The high and low values for each variable is compared based on the mean values from all participants.

  • CB, concern beliefs; HbA1c: haemoglobin A1c levels; HL, health literacy; IP, illness perceptions; NB, necessity beliefs; SE, self-efficacy.