Table 3

Themes and categories of fathers’ experiences and perspectives identified from in-depth interviews with fathers whose children had pneumonia-like episodes in Biliran Island, the Philippines

Fathers’ way of taking care of their sick childrenHerbal medicines are easy to prepare at home.
Some fathers keep a stock of medicines at home.
Some fathers do not have enough knowledge about medication.
Fathers’ preference of health facilitiesFathers takes their  child  to a traditional healer because of their therapeutic efficacy.
Fathers generally do not prefer BHS.
Fathers take their  child  to RHU for a medical consultation.
Fathers expect to receive medicines for their sick  child  from RHU.
Fathers prefer to be seen by a staff member with medical expertise.
Fathers rely on health staff advice to refer their child to a hospital.
  • BHS, brangay health stations; RHU, rural health unit.