Table 1

Physiological, behavioural, demographic and socioeconomic factors included in the analyses

Health SurveyRegister dataDVDDCAMB
Physiological and behavioural risk factors
 BMI (calculated from weight and height)x*x†x†
 Physical activityx*x*
 Smoking statusx*x*x*
 Blood pressurex*‡x†x†
 Diabetes diagnosisx*x†x*
Demographic and socioeconomic factors
 Employment statusxx*
Screening service
 Date of last eye examinationx
 Date of last foot examinationx
  • *Self-reported.

  • †Measured values.

  • ‡In the Health Profile, participants only report whether or not they have high blood pressure.

  • §Based on linkage with register data.

  • ¶Educational level was grouped into: low education defined as primary or secondary school, semiskilled or skilled worker; medium education defined as up to 4 years’ theoretical education; and high education defined as more than 4 years’ theoretical education.

  • BMI, body mass index; CAMB, Copenhagen Aging and Midlife Biobank; DVDD, Danish Adult Diabetes Database.