Table 3

Analyses of risk factors for all dementia and dementia other than Alzheimer’s disease

Outcome variables
Predictive variablesAll dementiaDementia other than AD
Adjusted HRP valuesAdjusted HRP values
(95% CI)(95% CI)
NTG (yes vs no)1.39 (1.25 to 1.46)<0.00011.21 (0.90 to 1.49)0.25
Diabetes1.51 (1.47 to 1.54)<0.00012.16 (2.03 to 2.26)<0.0001
  • Variables included in the multivariate Cox regression: NTG, age, gender, diabetes, hyperlipidaemia, coronary artery disease, stroke.

  • AD, Alzheimer’s disease; NTG, normal tension glaucoma.