Table 3

Logistic regression model showing interaction effect between type of treatment and length of IUC use (hours) on postoperative delirium (n=136)

OR95% CIP valuesOR95% CIP values
 Male (ref.)
 Female0.660.33 to 1.300.920.41 to 2.10
Barthel Index (range 0–20)0.820.63 to to 1.000.06
Atrial fibrillation0.220.11
 No (ref.)
 Yes1.610.76 to 3.532.180.86 to 5.83
Charlson Comorbidity Index1.020.76 to 1.370.911.030.73 to 1.480.86
MMSE score0.920.81 to to 0.99 0.05
Length IUC use (hours)1.0131.01 to 1.04<0.0011.010.99 to 1.030.54
Postoperative infections0.250.27
 No (ref.)
 Yes1.520.75 to 3.161.630.68 to 4.03
Treatment0.01 0.003
SAVR (ref.)
TAVI0.420.21 to 0.830.060.01 to 0.35
Length IUC use (hours)×treatment type1.041.00 to 1.08 0.04
  • IUC use, Indwelling urine catheter use; MMSE, Mini Mental State Examination; ref, reference; SAVR, Surgical aortic valve replacement; TAVI, transcatheter aortic valve implantation.