Table 2

Univariate analysis of variables associated with postoperative delirium in octogenarian patients following aortic valve replacement (n=136)

CharacteristicTotal n=25 Count/
mean±SD or (percentage)
SAVR, n = 73P valuesTAVI n=63P values
Delirium, n=25 Count/
mean±SD or (percentage)
No Delirium, n=48 Count/
mean±SD or (percentage)
No delirium, n=35 Count/
mean ±SD or (percentage)
Delirium, n=28 Count/
mean ±SD or (percentage)
Age (years), mean SD83.5±2.781.6±1.482.7±2.3 0.01 84.7±2.884.9±2.80.74
Female, n (%)76 (55.9)12 (48)24 (50)0.8725 (71.4)15 (53.6)0.14
Barthel Index, mean SD (range 0–20)18.9±1.519.5±1.018.9±1.50.0618.9±1.518.5±1.40.28
MMSE, mean SD (range 0–30)27.2±2.927.9±2.227.8±2.80.8627.4±2.425.4±3.6 0.01
Charlson Comorbidity Index, mean± SD2.1±1.21.8±1.01.8±0.90.782.3±1.32.7±1.30.20
Infections (yes), n (%)48 (35.3)5 (20)15 (31.3)0.3013 (37.1)15 (53.6)0.19
Length of time of IUC use (hours), mean SD54±3159±2766.1±29.30.3131.6±15.158.5±38.2 0.001
  • IUC use, Indwelling urine catheter use; MMSE, Mini Mental State Examination; SAVR, Surgical aortic valve replacement; TAVI, transcatheter aortic valve implantation.