Table 3

Readiness index and domain scores specific to services for diabetes by facility

Services for diabetesPublic facilities (%)Private facilities (%)Total (%) (n=319)
UHC (n=120)District hospital (n=59)Private clinic/hospital (n=71)NGO clinic/hospital
Both diagnosis and treatment facilities
Guidelines on the diagnosis and treatment
 Mean domain score60.572.931.040.845.3
Trained staff
 Mean domain score37.030.511.68.718.8
 Blood pressure94.294.998.0100.097.5
 Adult weighing scale76.976.374.085.079.0
 Height board/stadiometer60.361.042.060.855.1
 Mean domain score (±SD)77.2 (13.8)77.4 (13.8)71.3 (22.9)81.9 (16.14)77.2 (17.3)
Diagnostic capacity
 Blood glucose83.098.3100.098.094.1
 Urine protein56.264.696.187.580.4
 Urine glucose53.264.696.182.777.9
 Mean domain score (±SD)64.2 (13.4)75.8 (15.8)97.4 (1.8)89.4 (6.3)84.1 (7.1)
 Injectable insulin1.620.364.14.620.5
 Injectable glucose solution11.833.955.611.624.6
 Mean domain score (±SD)10.9 (6.4)29.7 (7.2)58.4 (10.7)7.8 (4.4)23.5 93.5)
 Readiness index for services specific to diabetes50.0 (23.4)57.3 (22.2)53.9 (30.0)45.7 (34.7)49.8 (26.8)
  • NGO, non-governmental organisation; UHC, upazila health complex.