Table 1

List of the 36 deficits used in the electronic Frailty Index

Activity limitationIschaemic heart disease
Anaemia and haematinic deficiencyMemory and cognitive problems
ArthritisMobility and transfer problems
Atrial fibrillationOsteoporosis
Cerebrovascular diseaseParkinsonism and tremor
Chronic kidney diseasePeptic ulcer
DiabetesPeripheral vascular disease
DyspnoeaRequirement for care
FallsRespiratory disease
Foot problemsSkin ulcer
Fragility fractureSleep disturbance
Hearing impairmentSocial vulnerability
Heart failureThyroid disease
Heart valve diseaseUrinary incontinence
HouseboundUrinary system disease
HypertensionVisual impairment
Hypotension/syncopeWeight loss and anorexia