Table 1

Interview participants’ professional backgrounds

Sector/professional backgroundParticipants
Primary care general practitioner7
Primary care nurse2
Community services nurse4
Mental health nurse2
Mental health clinical trainer1
Ambulance trust paramedic3
Acute interface doctor2
Acute interface nurse1
Acute interface call handler2
Total participants 25
Notes on sectors
 Primary careParticipants from general practice and out of hours primary care services.
 Community servicesParticipants providing/leading nursing services delivered in patients’ homes, including nursing care for housebound people with long-term conditions, or more intensive shorter term care for those who were acutely unwell (rapid response/urgent care teams), with a view to supporting people at home and avoiding hospital admissions.
 Acute hospital care interfaceParticipants working in services at the interface between primary/community care and acute hospitals, including acute advice and/or referral management services, and hospital admitting departments.
Anonymisation: Quotes are labelled using letter codes allocated to each participant.