Table 1

Measurement domains, variables measured and coding options used in content analysis of alcohol industry corporate social responsibility activities

Measurement domainVariable nameWhat is measuredCoding options
Industry benefit measures (‘Doing well’)Marketing/advertising potentialWhether the action has the potential to promote a specific brand or product.None; possible
Policy impact potentialWhether the action has the potential to impact national or local policyNone; possible
CSR typeLikely operational impact rather than presumed motivation of industry actorNone, strategic, risk management, altruistic
Societal benefit measures (‘Doing good’)WHO Global strategy target areaWhether the action covers one of the 10 target areas recommended by the WHO Global strategy0=Not consistent with any Global strategy area
1–10=consistent with one of the 10 Global strategy areas
11=too vague to classify
Activity typeWhether the action fit a list of 67 interventions, programmes and policies that have been evaluated in prior research for effectivenessChoice of 79 activity types, of which 67 have been evaluated and 12 ‘other’ types which had not been subjected to research
Evidence of effectivenessEstimate its potential for reducing alcohol-related harm based on the scientific literatureActivity types were coded as follows:
0=evidence indicates a lack of effectiveness
1=evidence for limited effectiveness
2=evidence for moderate effectiveness
3=evidence of a high degree of effectiveness
9=no studies have been undertaken or there is insufficient evidence on which to make a judgement
Risk of harm potentialWhether the action had the potential to cause harm or damage based on available evidenceNone; possible