Table 4

Percentage, ORs and 95% CIs of actions rated as meeting WHO Global strategy target areas and actions with potential for harm, by region (n=1046)

Region*WHO Global strategy target area metPotential for harm
%OR† 95% CI%OR† 95% CI
Africa (n=69)39.11.811.09 to 2.997.20.610.24 to 1.56
Asia (n=63)23.80.830.45 to 1.5115.91.570.77 to 3.19
Europe (n=604)24.80.760.58 to to 1.05
LAC (n=69)32.81.340.79 to 2.2825.43.051.69 to 5.50
North America (n=163)38.71.891.38 to 2.696.10.480.24 to 0.94
Oceania (n=40) to 0.6827.53.291.59 to 6.78
International (n=40) to 0.6810.00.890.31 to 2.56
  • *Regions based on United Nations Statistics Division classifications.

  • †United Nations region compared with the rest of the world.

  • LAC, Latin America and Caribbean.