Table 4

Annual decline in spirometric indices according to exposure category

Spirometric indicesCategory of exposure condition (number of subjects)
ControlExposedStatistical test of the mean values*
(n=217)TotalTPDDDMMTNRCLP values
ΔFVC/HT2 (mL/m2)−6.2 (21.4)−4.0 (19.1)−0.7 (25.8)−2.5 (12.5)−9.0 (14.3)−5.8 (13.3)0.190.5
ΔFEV1/HT2 (mL/m2)−8.8 (16.3)−7.5 (13.9)−6.5 (16.3)−7.3 (10.7)−9.0 (12.5)−6.7 (32.6)0.330.3
  • Values are the arithmetic means and SD at the point of baseline survey.

  • †*Comparison between the control and the exposed as a whole.

  • †Adjusted for age, sex and smoking habit at the baseline.

  • DDM, machine design and development; FEV1, forced expiratory volume in 1 s; FVC, forced vital capacity; H2, height-squared; MTN, maintenance; RCL, recycling; TPD, toner production.