Table 1

Background characteristics of the subjects according to the exposure category

CharacteristicsCategory of exposure condition
ControlExposedP values†
Number surveyed2174771751451507
Sex (M/F)205/12461/16167/8141/4149/13-Apr0.18
Age (years)39.1 (8.2)34.1 (8.1)32.9 (10.3)35.4 (6.5)34.2 (6.3)32.4 (7.6)<0.0001
Height (cm)170.1 (6.6)170.3 (6.4)169.0 (6.1171.3 (6.4)171.4 (6.4)161.5 (6.8)0.63
BMI (kg/m2)23.0 (3.1)23.0 (3.7)23.2 (4.6)22.4 (2.6)23.4 (3.2)19.9 (1.5)0.999
Smoking habit‡0.026
 Never70(32)150(31)38(22)69(48)38(25)5 (71)
 Current100(46)260(55)120(68)50(34)88(59)2 (29)
Personal exposure (mg/m3)-
 Number of samples204217518188122
  Total dust
  10th percentile0.
  90th percentile2.382.140.380.85.6
  Respirable dust
  10th percentile0.
  90th percentile0.360.350.040.150.64
  • Values are presented as the number of subjects for sex and smoking habit and the arithmetic mean (SD) for age, height and BMI at the baseline survey.

  • †Probability under the hypothesis that there are no differences between the control group and the exposed group as a whole.

  • ‡Percentage of column total in parentheses.

  • BMI, body mass index; DDM, machine design and development; MTN, maintenance; RCL, recycling; TPD, toner production.