Table 2

SDM definition major themes

ThemeSubthemesIllustrative quote(s)
 Input or involvement from multiple peopleMultidisciplinary collaboration between healthcare professionals‘Decisions arrived at with input from multiple h[ealth]c[are] team members’; ‘Discussion within the healthcare team and deciding what’s best for the patient’
Patient involvement, at times including family‘Team approach using all divisions including patient and family’
Generic reference to more than one participant in a decision‘Group of people making decision together’; ‘That more than one person has input into a decision’
 Clinician(s) making the decision for the patient‘Working together as a team to collaborate and make decisions for the betterment of the patient’; ‘Where there is a team of people that share the decision making for the patient’
 Patient making the decision autonomously or with clinician support‘Presenting best evidence to the patient and allowing the patient to make an informed decision based on their values with my support’; ‘doctor makes suggestions, p[atien]t decides’
 Information exchangeClinician-to-patient, sometimes including ’option talk' about risks and benefits‘Doctor provides patient with all necessary medical information and then they both decide on the best course of action for that given patient’; ‘Presenting patients with enough information regarding risks, benefits, and alternatives of a given therapy for them to feel included in the decision to proceed or not’
Patient-to-clinician‘Answers to clinical dilemmas that involve both the client and the physician sharing knowledge and possible outcomes’
  • SDM, shared decision-making.