Table 3

Changes in patient-reported outcomes among BAC patients

Outcome measurenMean (SD)95% CI*
Oswestry or Neck disability index (%): change from first visit to latest visit†33−7.8 (11.5)−11.7 to −3.8
Brief Pain Inventory – Severity: change from first visit to last visit†18−2.1 (2.3)−1.0 to −3.1
Brief Pain Inventory – Interference: change from first visit to last visit†20−1.8 (2.5)−0.7 to −2.9
Global Improvement Scale‡: maximum category at any subsequent visit535.0 (1.3)4.6 to 5.3
  • *Mean±1.96×[SD/√n].

  • †Negative value indicates improvement.

  • ‡Patient global impression of change from baseline (scale 1-7), whereby 1 equates to ’very much worse' and 7 to ’very much improved'.

  • BAC, Back pain Assessment Clinic.