Table 1

Domains of telemedicine

A. Synchronous domains
 Video-conferencingUse of real-time video and audio for communicating (consulting, teaching, discussing treatment).
 Phone (Mobile Health; mHealth)Telephone call.
 Continuous remote monitoringReal-time continuous feed of information at a distance (wearable biosensors, ECG).
B. Asynchronous domains
 Store-and-forwardTransmission via email of medical or laboratory data and images to an expert for remote review.
 Phone (mHealth)Use of SMS or other methods of mobile text messaging for communication.
 Self-monitoring and managementInvolves one or more types of sensors deployed in, on or around a human body to collect physiological signals.
  • Adapted with permission from Osman et al.18

  • Abbreviations: SMS, short message service.