Table 3

Selection criteria

Inclusion criteriaExclusion criteria
Types of studies
  • All study designs reporting on barriers and facilitators to electronic consultations (eConsult) will be included, such as randomised controlled trial, qualitative, quantitative, mixed-methods studies, reviews, dissertations and thesis.

  • Study protocols.

Types of participants
  • Primary care providers.

  • Patient participants.

  • Specialists.

Types of interventions
  • eConsultlike settings as defined by asynchronous exchange of medical information between primary care and specialist remotely.

  • Studies reporting on barriers and facilitators in other telemedicine settings (ie, synchronous domains).

  • Studies reporting on only Image-based store-and-forward (ie, teledermatology).

  • eConsult through non-secure portals (ie, email, curbside consultations).

Types of outcome
  • Perceived barriers and facilitators to store-and-forward telemedicine.