Table 2

The associations of SB, LPA and MVPA with depression

β95% CIβ95% CIβ95% CI
Single-activity model0.129(0.015 to 0.243)*−0.138(−0.265 to –0.011)*−0.173(−0.530 to 0.184)
Partition model0.101(−0.031 to 0.233)−0.030(−0.184 to 0.124)−0.011(−0.390 to 0.367)
Isotemporal model
 Replace SB withDropped−0.131(−0.260 to –0.002)*−0.113(−0.473 to 0.247)
 Replace LPA with0.132(0.003 to 0.261)*Dropped0.020(−0.383 to 0.422)
 Replace MVPA with0.118(−0.242 to 0.477)−0.013(−0.395 to 0.361)Dropped
  • All models adjusted for gender, age, body mass index, physical function, marital status, educational attainment, and total accelerometer wear time.

  • β=Regression coefficients correspond to a 30 min increment of each activity.

  • *P<0.05.

  • SB, sedentary behaviour; LPA, light-intensity physical activity; MVPA, moderate-to-vigorous physical activity.