Table 2

Summary of the main perceptions of general practitioners (GPs) and patients regarding dextropropoxyphene (DXP) withdrawal

DXP medication Common prescription and use, high risk-benefit ratio, risk of dependence
Valued but non-exclusive strategy
Reasons for withdrawal Misunderstanding, trend towards overestimation of benefits and underestimation of risks
Some GPs earlier informed through a professional journal
Conditions of withdrawal Information through mainstream media, lack of anticipation
Difficulties to inform patientsDXP stockpiling
Opportunity to reassess pain management, but concern about other analgesics
Withdrawal impact Rather bad experience due to poor tolerance of other analgesics
Complex pain management, but opportunity to educate patientsPoor acceptation
Influence of past events Distrust of the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare institutions
Reduction of drugs available
  • The perceptions common to both GPs and patients are in bold characters.