Table 1

Schedule of baseline and follow-up measures

MeasureBaselineRandomisation4 weeks4 months12 months
Objectively measured physical activity (eg, minutes of MVPA in ≥10 min bouts, recorded by accelerometer)XXX
Engagement with the ERS (uptake at 4 weeks, plus subsequent attendance at ERS, eg, number of sessions attended)X                          X
Engagement with e-coachER (captured from the LifeGuide platform)XXX
  • MVPA (7-day recall of physical activity)

  • Health and social care resource use

  • Quality of life measures: 5-level Euroqol-5D (EQ-5D-5L), SF-12v2

  • Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale

Process evaluation outcomes (eg, self-reported confidence to be physically active; perceived frequency and availability of support; perceived autonomy over choices; involvement in self-monitoring and planning physical activity)XXX
Qualitative interviews as part of the process evaluation focusing on participants’ experiences with the ERS and the intervention (optional for participants)————————————————X—————————————————
  • ERS, exercise referral scheme; MVPA, moderate- to- vigorous physical activity.