Table 3

Logistic regression table (all figures approximated to two decimal places)

Dependent variableIndependent variablesORSEWald χ2 P values95% CI
MRCP Part 1
Age0.990.570.000.980.33 to 3.00
Mentoring status9.560.6711.28<0.0012.56 to 35.68
Primary qualification0.470.541.890.170.16 to 1.37
MRCP Part 2 (Written)
Age2.010.521.810.180.73 to 5.53
Mentoring status1.670.491.130.290.65 to 4.33
Primary qualification1.080.510.020.880.40 to 2.90
MRCP Part 2
Age1.670.520.970.320.60 to 4.65
Mentoring status1.800.481.470.230.70 to 4.65
Primary qualification0.910.510.030.850.33 to 2.49
  • MRCP Part 2 (Written) and MRCP Part 2 (PACES) outcomes were omitted when MRCP Part 1 outcome was used as the dependent variable and vice versa.

  • MRCP, Membership of the  Royal College of Physicians; SE, significant events.