Table 2

Fixed effects regressions of the infant, neonatal and postneonatal mortality rates dependent variable: infant mortality rate, neonatal mortality rate and postneonatal mortality rate

Infant mortality rateNeonatal mortality ratePostneonatal mortality rate
Proportion of black residents0.25*0.150.097
Proportion of Hispanic residents−0.12−0.038−0.010*
Poverty rate−0.0190.0025−0.022*
Gini coefficient0.59−1.622.2*
Gross domestic product (per capita)0.000000970.000000290.00000063
State and local direct spending (per capita)0.000057−0.000000580.000058**
Average freshman graduation rate−0.019−0.019*−0.00045
Federal transfers received (per capita)−0.00049***−0.00027*−0.00019*