Table 3

Summary of recommendations

GuidelinesPopulationScreening processTreatment methodTreatment durationTiming before immunosuppression
ARA 20101 Biological therapyXXXIsoniazid*6–9 months1–2 months
Aguado et al 20093 Transplant recipientsXXXIsoniazid9 monthsBefore transplant
CDC 20169 Patients with HIVXXIsoniazid9 monthsNS
WHO 201510 Low-middle income countriesXXIsoniazid6 monthsNS
Beglinger et al 200715 Biological therapyXXXIsoniazid OR rifampicinNS1 month
Cantini et al 201516 Biological therapyXXXIsoniazid9 months1 month
Doherty 200817 Patients with psoriasisXXXIsoniazid9 months1–2 months or longer
Duarte et al 201218 Biological therapyXXXIsoniazid9 months1–2 months
Fonseca et al 200819 Biological therapyXXXIsoniazid6–9 months1 month
Hodkinson et al 201320 Patients with rheumatoid arthritisXXXXIsoniazid9 months1 month
Kavanagh et al 200821 Biological therapyXXXIsoniazid9 monthsPre-immunosuppression
Keith et al 201422 Bullous dermatosisXXNSNSNS
Koike et al 200723 Biological therapyXXXIsoniazidNSNS
Lichauco et al 200624 Biological therapyXXIsoniazid9 months1 month
Salmon200225 Biological therapyXXRifampicin and pyrazinamide2 months3 weeks
Mir Viladrich et al 201626 Biological therapyXXXIsoniazid9 months4 weeks
Mok et al 201127 Biological therapyXIsoniazid9 months4 weeks
Nordgaard-Lassen et al 2012 28 Biological therapyXIsoniazid9 months4 weeks
BTS 200529 Biological therapyXXXIsoniazid6 monthsConcurrent
Smith et al 200930 Biological therapyXXIsoniazid OR Isoniazid and rifampicin6 months OR 3 months2 months
Solovic et al 201031 Biological therapyXXXXIsoniazid9 months4 weeks
Carrasoca et al 201632 Methotrexate therapyXXXIsoniazidNSNS
Bumbacea et al 201233 Transplant recipientsXXNSNSBefore transplant
KDIGO 200934 Renal transplantXXIsoniazid9 monthsNS
Meije et al 201435 Transplant recipientsXXIsoniazid9 monthsNS
EBPG 200236 Renal transplant recipientsXXXIsoniazid9 monthsNS
Subramanian 201337 Transplant recipientsXXXXIsoniazid9 monthsBefore or after transplant
Tomblyn et al 200938 SCT recipientsXXXIsoniazid9 monthsNS
Pozniak et al 201139 Patients with HIVXXIsoniazid6 monthsNS
SA 201040 Patients with HIVXIsoniazid6 monthsNS
Santin et al 201741 Patients with HIVXXXNSNSNS
Biological therapyXXXNSNSNS
Transplant recipientsXXXNSNSNS
Al Jahdali et al 201042 Susceptible populationsXXIsoniazid9 monthsNS
ECDC 201143 ImmunocompromisedXXNSNSNS
Mazurek et al 201044 Susceptible populationsXXXXNSNSNS
Taylor et al (CDC 2005)45 Susceptible populationsXXXIsoniazidNSNS
CTC 200846 ImmunocompromisedXXNSNSNS
Japanese Society for Tuberculosis 201447 Susceptible populationsXXXIsoniazid6–9 months3 weeks before immunosuppression
NS for transplant
NICE 201648 Susceptible populationsXXXIsoniazid OR Isoniazid and rifampicin6 months OR 3 monthsNS
  • *Where isoniazid is used, it is always provided concurrently with pyridoxine prophylaxis.

  • ARA, Australian Rheumatological Association; BTS, British Thoracic Society; CDC, centre for disease control; CTC, Canadian Tuberculosis Committee; CXR, chest X-ray; EBPG, European Best Practice Guideline Expert Group on Renal Transplantation; ECDC, European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control; IGRA, interferon gamma release assay; KDIGO, Kidney Disease Improving Global Outcomes; NICE, National Institute for Health and Care Excellence; NS, not specified; SA, South Africa; SCT, Stem cell transplant, TST, tuberculin skin test.