Table 2

Multivariate logistic regression analysis for the significant factors associated with in-RICU adverse treatment outcomes

Significant factor for adverse treatment outcomesOR (95% CI)P values
RICU length of stay >14 days†
 Eosinophil percentage: ≦2% vs >2%12.13 (2.82 to 52.12)0.001*
 Modified GCS: per increase of 1 point0.92 (0.84 to 1.00)0.053
Failed weaning†
 APACHE II score: per increase of 1 point1.08 (1.03 to 1.13)0.001*
 Age: per 1-year increase1.05 (0.99 to 1.11)0.125
 Smoking: ex-smoker versus never smoker0.29 (0.11 to 0.76)0.011*
 Smoking: current smoker versus never smoker0.30 (0.10 to 0.89)0.030*
 Prior admission within 3 months: yes versus no2.06 (0.90 to 4.72)0.089
 Pneumonia Severity Index: >90 vs 0–902.51 (0.54 to 11.68)0.241
 PaO2/FiO2: per increase of 1 point1.00 (0.99 to 1.00)0.070
 APACHE II score: per increase of 1 point1.07 (1.00 to 1.15)0.069
Pseudomonas aeruginosa: yes versus no2.72 (1.09 to 6.76)0.032*
Readmission arising from respiratory diseases within 3 months†
 COPD severity: II vs I0.47 (0.18 to 1.24)0.128
 COPD severity: III vs I1.51 (0.64 to 3.59)0.349
 COPD severity: IV vs I0.99 (0.31 to 3.15)0.980
  • *P<0.05.

  • †The detailed information on the multivariate logistic regression analysis regarding the adverse outcome of RICU length of stay >14 days was as follows: Cox-Snell R2=0.092, Nagelkerke R2=0.124, goodness of fit: X2=25.303 (p<0.05), H-L test=5.745 and overall percentage correct=62.6; that regarding the adverse outcome of failed weaning was as follows: Cox-Snell R2=0.046, Nagelkerke R2=0.061, goodness of fit: X2=12.271 (p<0.05), H-L test=10.360 and overall percentage correct=61.1; that regarding the adverse outcome of death was as follows: Cox-Snell R2=0.127, Nagelkerke R2=0.224, goodness of fit: X2=33.005 (p<0.05), H-L test=10.431 and overall percentage correct=87.2; that regarding the adverse outcome of readmission arising from respiratory diseases within 3 months was as follows: Cox-Snell R2=0.035, Nagelkerke R2=0.056, goodness of fit: X2=9.454 (p<0.05), H-L test=0.000 and overall percentage correct=80.2.

  • CI, confidence interval; OR, odds ratio; please also refer to table 1 footnote for the rest of abbreviations.