Table 2

Items scores and internal consistency of each factor

Factor 1: importance of communication skills (α=0.771)
 (1) In order to be a good doctor, I must have good CS.4.57±0.73
 (4) Developing my CS is just as important as developing my knowledge of medicine.4.48±0.87
 (5) Learning CS has helped me or will help me respect patients.4.46±0.81
 (9) Learning CS has helped or will facilitate my ability to work as a team member.4.44±0.83
 (10) Learning CS has improved my ability to communicate with patients.4.43±0.82
 (14) Learning CS has helped or will help me respect my colleagues.4.36±0.93
 (16) Learning CS has helped or will help me recognise patients’ rights regarding confidentiality and informed consent.4.30±0.91
 (21) I think learning CS is very useful for my medical degree.4.38±0.94
 (25) Learning CS is important because my ability to communicate is a lifelong skill.4.41±1.04
Factor 2: negative beliefs (α=0.601)
 (2) I cannot see the point in learning CS.* 1.89±1.21
 (6) I have not got time to learn CS.* 2.25±1.21
 (8) I cannot be bothered to attend sessions on CS.* 2.20±1.33
 (11) CS teaches the obvious and then complicates it.* 2.48±1.46
 (13) Learning CS is too easy.* 2.68±1.13
 (15) I find it difficult to trust the information on CS provided by non-clinical lecturers.* 2.84±1.39
 (19) I do not need good CS to be a doctor.* 2.05±1.36
 (24) I find it difficult to take CS learning seriously.* 2.40±1.29
 (26) CS learning should be left to psychology students, not medical students.* 2.17±1.31
Factor 3: motivation (α=0.637)
 (12) Learning CS is fun.4.18±0.99
 (17) CS teaching would be more appealing if it sounded more like a science subject.* 4.03±1.10
 (23) Learning CS is applicable to learning medicine.4.22±1.03
Factor 4: assessment (α=0.704)
 (3) Nobody is going to fail his or her medical degree for having poor CS.2.71±1.20
 (20) I find it hard to admit that I have some problems with my CS.* 2.98±1.19
 (22) My ability to pass exams will get me through medical school rather than my ability to communicate.* 1.63±1.10
  • *Item was negatively phrased and reverse scored.

  • CS, communication skills.