Table 3

Patient characteristics at study entry, stratified by subsequent outcome

CharacteristicTotal populationWent on to receive no advice or treatmentWent on to receive advice onlyWent on to receive treatment onlyWent on to receive advice and treatment
Total population1 08 843100%41 86838.5%13 26912.2%32 57829.9 %21 12819.4%
Age (years)51.912.950.013.848.613.354.711.853.211.4
Sex (% male)43 56740.0%15 80937.8%544341.0%13 05440.1%926143.8%
Time in study (years, median (IQR))2.60.9–––––3.2
 White ethnicity59 64354.8%21 44751.2%755456.9%17 93955.1%12 70360.1%
 Black ethnicity15271.4%5011.2%1621.2%4581.4%4061.9%
 South Asian ethnicity13561.2%4371.0%1331.0%4871.5%2991.4%
 Mixed race ethnicity97008.9%36918.8%148311.2%25667.9%19609.3%
 Other ethnicity10411.0%3981.0%1110.8%3211.0%2111.0%
 Unknown ethnicity35 57632.7%15 39436.8%382628.8%10 80733.2%554926.3%
BMI (kg/m2)*29.35.829.25.929.
Current smoking status23 59221.7%955522.8%228617.2%749823.0%425320.1%
Alcohol (units per week)†12.114.611.212.515.919.710.613.013.516.0
IMD score of 5 (most deprived)12 60611.6%421710.1%208115.7%31169.6%319215.1%
Systolic BP (mm Hg)144.35.9143.75.9143.36.1145.25.6145.05.7
Diastolic BP (mm Hg)87.35.886.95.987.15.987.55.787.75.7
Mean CVD risk score (mean±SD)‡7.1%6.3%6.1%5.9%7.1%6.7%7.6%6.2%8.3%6.9%
Age-defined moderate CVD risk (%)¶41 51038.1%14 15133.8%388729.3%14 95045.9%852240.3%
Statin prescription13 42612.3%39279.4%147211.1%460814.1%341916.2%
Antiplatelet prescription60295.5%14043.4%4803.6%25677.9%15787.5%
  • *Missing BMI data (n=46 599).

  • †Missing alcohol data (n=72 785).

  • ‡Based on previous risk score or QRISK2 score estimated from existing or imputed data.

  • ¶Proportion of men aged ≥55 years and women aged ≥60 years who, according to Morales Salinas et al ,14 should be classified as having moderate cardiovascular risk.

  • BMI, body mass index; BP, blood pressure; CVD, cardiovascular disease; IMD, Index of Multiple Deprivation.