Table 1

The primary systematic literature search strategy on the electronic databases

DatabaseSearch terms combination
Scopus({epidemiology} OR {prevalence} OR {incidence}) AND ({chronic fatigue syndrome} OR {myalgic encephalomyelitis} OR {CFS/ME} OR {ME/CFS})
PubMed("Fatigue Syndrome, Chronic"[Mesh] AND (("Incidence" [Mesh] OR "Epidemiology"[Mesh] OR "epidemiology" [Subheading] OR "Prevalence "[Mesh] OR "Cross-Sectional Studies "[Mesh]))
Web of Science("epidemiology" OR "prevalence" OR "incidence") AND ("chronic fatigue syndrome" OR "myalgic encephalomyelitis" OR "CFS/ME" OR " ME/CFS")
  • Mesh, medical subject headings.