Table 4

Regression weights of the structural equation model

SECritical ratioP values
Regression weights
 Care and stimulus ← caregiver factor0.4020.4010.0478.497<0.001
 Children’s developmental status ← care and stimulus9.6080.5730.91310.525<0.001
 Children’s developmental status ← haemoglobin value for children0.5930.0710.1783.3310.001
 Caregivers’ education ← caregiver factor1.0000.794
 Caregivers’ age ← caregiver factor−8.358−0.5760.543−15.380<0.001
 Wealth index ← caregiver factor0.7750.4610.05514.163<0.001
 Parent-child interaction ← care and stimulus1.0000.456
 Numbers of books ← care and stimulus1.6870.3030.2207.678<0.001
 Score of ZSDS ← care and stimulus4.8560.4150.4889.944<0.001
 Communication ← children’s developmental status0.8630.6220.02930.054<0.001
 Gross motor ← children’s developmental status0.9700.7260.03032.608<0.001
 Fine motor ← children’s developmental status1.1320.7780.02840.216<0.001
 Problem-solving ← children’s developmental status1.1880.8480.03040.212<0.001
 Personal-social ← children’s developmental status1.0000.752
 e8 ↔ e10−19.912−0.2482.961−6.725<0.001
 e3 ↔ e50.6200.1880.0649.708<0.001
 e2 ↔ e4−1.695−0.1750.270−6.290<0.001
 e1 ↔ e50.3640.2150.0517.136<0.001
 e5 ↔ e73.0790.0760.6804.527<0.001
 e5 ↔ e6−2.709−0.1150.575−4.712<0.001
 e2 ↔ e6−5.270−0.1001.247−4.228<0.001
  • ZSDS, Zung Self-rating Depression Scale.