Table 1

The characteristics derived from survey responses used to distinguish liaison psychiatry services in the model-based clustering

  1. Does the name of the service include ‘RAID’?

  2. Is the service classified as subCore, Core or does it meet one of the definitions: Core24, Enhanced or Comprehensive?

  3. Does the service operate 7 days per week or for less than 7 days?

  4. How many hours per week is the service provided?

  1. Does the service claim to cover all mental health?

  2. Is there a dedicated working-age adults (18–65) team?

  3. Is there a dedicated older adults (65+) team?

Work done
  1. Does the service undertake work from the emergency department?

  2. Does the service undertake in-reach work?

  3. Does the service operate an outpatient clinic?

  4. Does the service have pathways other than acute pathways?

  5. What is the response time for the emergency department?

  6. What is the response time for the wards?

Other aspects of hospitals (Note that for some variables, the value assigned may have been inferred from other survey responses rather than taken from the direct response given)
  1. No of services within a hospital (1, 2 or 3)

  2. No of providers of services (1 or 2)

  3. No of hospital beds

  4. No of nurses employed by the liaison psychiatry service

  5. No of consultants

  6. No of services

  7. No of service providers

Additional variables
  1. Does the service meet the original RAID criteria?

  2. Does the service meet the modified RAID criteria?

  • RAID, Rapid Assessment Intervention and Discharge.