Table 1

Key measures and timing of assessment

Screening* and/or baselinePostintervention6 months12 months24 months
 Marital statusXXX
 Number of children living at homeXXX
 Years of educationX
 Employment statusXXXX
 Insomnia Severity IndexXXXX
 Bergen Insomnia ScaleXXXX
 Brief Morningness-Eveningness QuestionnaireXXX
 Sleep diaryXXXX
 Brief Dysfunctional Beliefs and Attitudes Scale 16XXXX
Physical and mental health
 Hospital Anxiety and Depression ScaleXXXX
 Chalder Fatigue QuestionnaireXXXX
 Short Form-12XXXX
 Physical healthXXXX
 Mental healthXXXX
 Pain problemsXXXX
 Changes in health statusXXX
Resource use and work productivity
 Health service utilisation (self-report and Norwegian Patient Registry)XXXX
 Prescribed medications (self-report and Norwegian Prescription Database)XXXXX
 Sick leave (self-report and National Insurance Administration)XXXX
 Impact on work productivityXXX
 Help seeking behavioursXXX
Health-related parameters
 Body mass indexXXXX
 Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test- ConsumptionXXXX
 Physical activityXXXX
Electronic media and internet use
 Internet useX
 Electronic media useXXXX
 Internet intervention evaluationXX
 Long-term use of strategiesX
 Negative effects of treatmentX
  • *See text for details of measures used only at screening.