Table 2

Key concepts and definitions for the study questions

Breastfeeding womenBreast feeding is when the child receives breastmilk directly from the breasts and the following types are considered: exclusive breast feeding, breast feeding in combination with fluids, complementary breast feeding (breast feeding in combination with solids or semisolid).26
SexualityThis included a broad perspective with some conceptual elements of the WHO definition.27 In which, biological and psychosocial aspects are considered.
Biological aspectsConsider the interaction of prolactin and oxytocin with female sex hormones including oestrogen and progesterone.
Psychosocial aspects of sexualityIt considers the intrapsychic and social aspects of the sexual response of women who breast feed, including depression, body image, fatigue, sleep deprivation and parental tasks.
Female sexual performanceIt is a component of sexual behaviour that is a consequence of the relationship between hormonal actions in the brain, sexual arousal and expectations of sexual competence that results in the performance of the individual.28
Sexual dysfunctionInvolves a group of disorders that are typically characterised by clinically significant disorders in a person’s ability to respond sexually or experience sexual pleasure.1 These disorders affect the dimensions of desire, excitement, lubrication, orgasm, satisfaction and pain.29