Table 2

Base case results

National IRIS (pooled results)(a) Societal perspective(b) NHS-only perspective
Intervention (IRIS programme)£44166.671£12386. 671
Control (no programme)£44306.669£12326. 669
Difference (intervention vs control)−£140.001−ve (intervention dominates control)£60.001£3913 per QALY gained
Incremental NMB*£42£22
Local site 1
 Intervention (IRIS programme)£43186.671£12316.671
 Control (no programme)£43346.669£12326.669
 Difference (intervention vs control)−£160.001−ve (intervention dominates control)−£10.001−ve (intervention dominates control)
 Incremental NMB*£41£26
Local site 2
 Intervention (IRIS programme)£43056.673£12406.673
 Control (no programme)£43336.670£12326.670
 Difference (intervention vs control)−£280.003−ve (intervention dominates control)£80.003£2585 per QALY gained
 Incremental NMB*£89£54
Local site 3
 Intervention (IRIS programme)£43256.671£12356.671
 Control (no programme)£43346.670£12326.670
 Difference (intervention vs control)−£90.001−ve (intervention dominates control)£30.001£3055 per QALY gained
 Incremental NMB*£29£17
Local site 4
 Intervention (IRIS programme)£43266.672£12536.672
 Control (no programme)£43346.669£12326.669
 Difference (intervention vs control)−£80.003−ve (intervention dominates control)£210.003£8317 per QALY gained
 Incremental NMB*£59£30
Local site 5
 Intervention (IRIS programme)£43376.670£12446.670
 Control (no programme)£43326.669£12326.669
 Difference (intervention vs control)£40.001£5882 per QALY gained£120.001£21 229 per QALY gained
 Incremental NMB*£6£0
Local site 6
 Intervention (IRIS programme)£43956.671£13076.671
 Control (no programme)£43346.670£12326.670
 Difference (intervention vs control)£610.001£52 557 per QALY gained£750.001£64 427 per QALY gained
 Incremental NMB*−£38−£52
  • Costs are in 2015/2016 UK£. Numbers may not sum due to rounding.

  • *Measured at a willingness to pay for a QALY of £20 000.

  • Costs are in 2015/2016 UK£. Numbers may not sum due to rounding.

  • IRIS, Identification and Referral to Improve Safety; NMB, net monetary benefit; QALY, quality-adjusted life- year.