Table 6

mHealth and eHealth studies

Study, countryVulnerability/chronic diseaseIntervention descriptionComponents and delivery of the interventionOutcomes assessedRigour/relevance
Davis et al, 2015
Underserved, low SES, English and Spanish speaking patients with a primary diagnosis of COPD or HF.Remote monitoring device (RMD), which could use either landline or wireless technology. The RMD allowed patients to enter symptom-related data such as pulse oximetry, heart rate and weight. The RMD was also preprogrammed with a set of questions that verbally transmitted in English and Spanish targeted to symptomatology.Integrated mobile health technology and home visits.
The RMD operated on landline or wireless systems. The RMD was customised based on disease severity and allowed patients to enter symptom-related data such as pulse oximetry, heart rate and weight. It consisted of a preprogrammed set of questions that were verbally transmitted in English or Spanish and targeted to COPD or HF symptomatology, which were answered yes or no by pushing specific buttons on the device. The RMD also included an interactive educational component in which information was verbally transmitted to the patient with tips on symptom management. Acute changes in symptomatology triggered an acute alert that was directly communicated to the RMD monitoring staff for immediate response.
The intervention included a phone call made to the patients by RMD staff or primary care based on patient answers. During this call, symptoms were discussed, management was reviewed, education was provided and the physician was contacted if required. Phone calls were prompted if the patient had made no contact in 3 days.
Home visits were made to set up the device within 1 week of discharge. Patients were also trained to use the device. Medication and functional status was assessed, and a personal health plan was developed, including follow-up by the physician. Additional home visits were triggered to perform symptom review and as required up until 90 days from enrolment.
Emergency department use within 30 days of discharge.
Readmission rates.
Functional status.
  • COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; SES, socioeconomic status.; HF, heart failure