Table 2

Quality appraisal

Assessment of rigour
  1. Is there a clear statement of the aims of the research?

  2. Did the study include an appropriate comparison group?

  3. Did the study use appropriate eligibility criteria to obtain its target group?

  4. Did the study use standardised methods for selecting/putting people into the study and state how they did this?

  5. Did the study provide details about sample size?

  6. Did the study have a comparatively long study period (≥6 months)?

  7. Is the methodology appropriate for what they were trying to achieve?

Assessment of relevance
  1. Is the intervention programme description detailed?

  2. Did the study describe factors that affected programme implementation?

  3. Did the study consider reasons for the results that they achieved?

  4. Did the study discuss reasons for programme success or failure?

  • Based on: O’Campo et al. 25