TableĀ 3

Themes and superordinate themes produced for qualitative findings

ThemesSuperordinate themes
Impact on activities of daily living
  • Psychological problems (eg, PTSD, depression, anxiety)

  • Physical problems (eg, poor mobility and chronic pain)

  • Discharge planning

Impact of psychological resilience on recovery
  • Loss of control

  • Maintenance of self-efficacy

  • Ownership of the journey

Social support and cohesion
  • The role of positive and negative social support

  • Social isolation (participants)

  • Social isolation and strain (families and carers)

Recovery and support for alcohol-related admissions
  • Interaction with healthcare professionals

  • Appropriate and timely rehabilitation for alcohol misuse

  • Impact of critical illness on alcohol-related behaviours

  • PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder.