Table 1

Example of forum discussion, classification of users' intents for writing in the forum and of judgments made on whether the replying intent matched the requesting one (codes used: yes, no, unsure). Quotes are described in third person to protect privacy of participants

UserUser's quotesUser's intentsMatch
Requesting user (Woman, 46 years, age at stroke 46)A woman was asking other forum users whether cold weather was making stroke symptoms worseAsking information
 She found that when the weather was colder her speech was slurred more, and her right side weakness and tiredness were worse.Sharing own story
Replying user 1 (Woman, 54 years, age at stroke 46)A woman replied that she was the same, and that her physiotherapist told her years earlier that this was down to ‘loss of sensory perception’ and in her case she had lost all her left side.Providing informationYes
She was nearly always cold except in very high temperatures, wearing coat or fleece throughout the summer and full length ‘tubigrip’ on her stroke arm to keep warm.Sharing own storyYes
Her physiotherapist said the tubigrip was also providing ‘sensory perception’ to brain (ie, reminding her brain that her arm was there).Providing informationYes
Replying user 2 (Woman, age and age at stroke not stated)A woman wrote back that she also had the same symptoms, she found that her body was not as strong in the cold weather.Providing informationYes
She was dropping things more and had to really concentrate when walking. She had the central heating on full blast so any visitors had to peel off their layers, they were nearly passing out in the heat! She had always felt the cold much more since her stroke.Sharing own storyYes
Replying user 3 (Man, age and age at stroke not stated)A man replied that cold weather was affecting him, too.Providing informationYes
He had a holiday in Greece in October, and he walked all over the place. The day he got back to UK he couldn't walk to his local shop and back. He concluded by saying ‘It is not just you!!’Sharing own storyYes
Requesting userThe requesting user thanked all participants for replying. She said that week she had been a bit worried as her symptoms were worse, though now she could cope knowing that this was the norm.Thank you message