(B) Reviewer characteristic (n=6)
Age, mean (range)55 (32–72)
Male sex, N3
Medical specialty, N
 General practice3
Years of working experience as a medical specialist or GP, range0.5–32
Carried out a scientific research before, N yes5
Carried out a medical record research before, N yes6
Experience with analysing medical incidents, N yes1
Worked as a teaching physician, N yes3
Statements presented to our reviewers (n=6)
 1: How useful is medical research focused on incidents, rated on a scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being the most positive, range7–9
 2: As healthcare is complex care transitions are not ever flawless. Yet, not all of these flaws represent safety incidents, rangeNeutral to strongly agree
 3: Incidents always harm the patient, rangeStrongly disagree to disagree
  • GP, general practitioner.