Table 3

Associations between general practitioner retirement and attitudes towards accreditation

Crude OR(95% CI)P valuesAdjusted OR*(95% CI)P values
Job satisfaction (dissatisfied=1)1.89(1.29 to 2.78)0.0012.46(1.63 to 3.73)0.000
Attitudes towards accreditation (negative=1)1.14(0.84 to 1.55)0.3871.02(0.74 to 1.40)0.921
Accreditation is a tool for external control (agree=1)0.80(0.54 to 1.17)0.2460.80(0.53 to 1.20)0.279
Accreditation is a tool for quality improvement (disagree=1)1.11(0.80 to 1.54)0.6401.09(0.76 to 1.56)0.631
How do you think the accreditation process will affect your job satisfaction? (negatively=1)1.50(1.08 to 2.09)0.0151.40(1.00 to 1.95)0.051
  • *Adjusted for age, gender, practice type and region.