Table 1

Overview of previous reviews investigating cognition and tinnitus

StudyDatabases searchedExample search strategy providedNumber of records retrieved during database searchNumber of studies included in reviewSynthesis of association between cognition and tinnitus
Trevis et al 17 PsycINFO, MedLine(1) tinnitus AND psych* (all fields), (2) tinnitus AND mood (all fields), (3) tinnitus AND depress* (all fields), (4) tinnitus AND anx* OR stress (all fields)72564Meta-analysis of ’psychological functioning' in tinnitus participants. Narrative review of association between ’cognitive functioning' (n=16); that is, behavioural cognitive task performance and chronic tinnitus, awareness, and severity.
Mohamad et al 12 PubMed((((tinnitus(Title)) AND cogniti*(Title))) OR ((tinnitus(Title)) AND attention(Title))) OR ((tinnitus(Title)) AND memory(Title))659Narrative review of ’behavioural research' addressing the impact of tinnitus and its severity of various aspects of cognitive performance in domains of working memory and attention.
Tegg-Quinn et al 16 PubMed, MedLine, CINAHL, Scopus, EMBASE(tinnitus) and (cognition OR memory OR attention OR concentration OR cognitive function OR mental activity) NOT (infant OR child OR adolescent OR paediatric OR animal OR balance OR hyperacusis OR implant OR pharmaceutical OR drugs)223618Narrative review of behavioural cognitive tasks, electrophysiological correlates of cognition and self-reported cognitive function measures.
Andersson and McKenna15 MedLine and Psychological AbstractsNot reportedNot reportedNot reportedNarrative review of ’cognitive deficits' (ie, behavioural cognitive tasks), ’cognitive bias' and ’conscious appraisal of tinnitus'.
  • CINAHL; Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature.