Table 1

Relationship between hospital mortality and rest of variables (age expressed in years, GCS, APACHE-II and ICH score in points, length of ICU stay in days)

P values
Admission GCS7 (4–11)10 (7–14)6 (4–8)<0.001
Worst GCS on first ICU day6 (3–10)8.5 (6–13)4 (3–7)<0.001
Length of ICU stay5 (2–10)7 (3–14)3 (1–7)<0.001
APACHE-II21 (15–26)17 (12–22)24 (20–29)<0.001
Probability of death (APACHE-II)0.59 (0.35–0.79)0.39 (0.26–0.6)0.74 (0.54–0.85)<0.001
ICH score2 (2–3)2 (1–3)3 (2–4)<0.001
Probability of death (ICH)0.26 (0.26–0.72)0.26 (0.13–0.60)0.72 (0.26–0.97)<0.001
Admission pupillary changes*<0.001
 Normal71.8% (n=239)91.5% (n=140)55% (n=99)
 Anisocoria17.1% (n=57)8.5% (n=13)24.4% (n=44)
 Bilateral non-reactive mydriasis11.1% (n=37)0% (n=0)20.6% (n=37)
Volume of haematoma0.031
 <30 mL44.9% (n=151)51.3% (n=79)39.6% (n=72)
 >30 mL55.1% (n=185)48.7% (n=75)60.4% (n=110)
Origin of the ICH0.514
 Supratentorial78.3% (n=263)79.9% (n=123)76.9% (n=140)
 Infratentorial21.7% (n=73)20.1% (n=31)23.1% (n=42)
Haematoma site in supratentorial location†0.6
 Lobar54% (n=141)55.7% (n=68)52.5% (n=73)
 Basal ganglia/thalamic66% (n=120)44.3% (n=54)47.5% (n=66)
Intraventricular haemorrhage0.03
 No41.1% (n=138)50% (n=77)33.5% (n=61)
 Yes58.9% (n=198)50% (n=77)66.5% (n=121)
External ventricular drain0.14
 No79.5% (n=267)76% (n=117)82.4% (n=150)
 Yes20.5% (n=69)24% (n=37)17.6% (n=32)
Surgical treatment<0.001
 No68.8% (n=231)59.4% (n=95)77.3% (n=136)
 Yes31.2% (n=105)40.6% (n=65)22.7% (n=40)
  • Quantitative variables are expressed as median and 25th–75th percentiles interval.

  • *Admission pupillary changes data were missed in three patients.

  • †Haematoma site in supratentorial location data were missed in 2 of 263 patients with supratentorial origin of the haematoma. Calculations were made regarding these 261 patients.

  • APACHE-II, Acute Physiology and Chronic Health Evaluation II; GCS, Glasgow Coma Scale; ICH, intracerebral haemorrhage; ICU, intensive care unit.